About the Project

I and am currently working with LeadershipEdge, LLC. At this point I have developed their branding, consulting materials, and built a MVP website. Their logo needed some refining and I needed to format a workbook that is a staple of their program. Eventually a responsive website with e-commerce will be created.

They are a consulting company that helps with management and leadership development generally for physical therapy clinics - (but not limited to just that industry).

The client already had two typeface logos that they liked and were using. One for the Professional side of the business and one for Educational(working with those still in school).

I was asked if I could augment/improve what they had and add a brand mark.

I wanted to keep the icon as simple as possible and keep the color palette limited as well. They were already using two different colors to differentiate each focus of the business. PRO and EDU. Professional and Educational.

The client wanted to drop the tagline when used with the logo. The orange accent color worked well with the green and blue. 

For a brand mark I played with using the letters ‘L’ and ‘E’. Placing the ‘LE’ in a shield shape I felt was a good option. “Leading into or through a battle.” A symbol of strength and protection.

To give LeadershipEdge a sense of motion while keeping it a very simplistic shape, I added a triangle. I played with various orientations of the triangle and multiple triangles. Some of them were placed as ribbons. Leaders, winners and those in military have ribbons and metals. A star shape because of the north, guiding star that leads the correct direction.

Ultimately the client liked the double triangles pointing the direction in the flow the reader would see it. Left to right. The symbology can mean one arrow is leading another in an upward, forward direction.

Branding Sheet

I think it helps the client to see how the logo will be use in the real world so creating mock ups are a good idea. How would the final product look? The workbook, baseball hat, T-shirts, and of course a coffee mug!

What did I learn? I enjoy getting to know clients and their needs. Collaborating to find what fits best. As a designer I am helping them to see their vision and when they are happy – so am I!

The work I am doing with LeadershipEdge is currently ongoing and I will update when more progress is made. Thanks for checking out my work on this project! 

© 2024 RPM Illustration, LLC. - All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 RPM Illustration, LLC. - All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 RPM Illustration, LLC. - All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 RPM Illustration, LLC. - All Rights Reserved.